Fusarium wilts

A number of ornamental and edible plants are susceptible to this fungal disease, which can persist in the soil for many years. Each plant genus […]

Damping off

Damping off is a disease of seedlings caused by several different fungi and fungus-like organisms. This disease causes emerging seedlings to collapse, often submerged in […]

Daffodil viruses

Several viruses affect Narcissus (daffodil), the most common being Narcissus yellow stripe virus. This causes yellow streaks on the leaves, lack of vigour and leaf and stem distortion. […]

Cyclamen grey mould

Cyclamen are particularly susceptible to grey mould caused by Botrytis cinerea. This causes a grey fuzzy mould on infected plant parts, and also attacks the stalks […]

Crown gall

Crown gall is a bacterial disease of the stems and roots of many woody and herbaceous plants, including fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants. Infection with […]

Cornus anthracnose

Cornus anthracnose is a fungal disease that kills the leaves and young shoots of some North American Cornus species (dogwoods). Infections cause dead blotches on leaves and die-back […]