Club root

Club root is a fungal infection of the roots of brassicas, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip and swede, leading to swollen and distorted […]

Clematis wilt

Clematis wilt is a fungal disease of clematis, particularly the large-flowered hybrid cultivars. The fungus causes rapid wilting and, in severe cases, can kill the […]

Dutch elm disease

Dutch elm disease is a devastating fungal disease that is spread by elm bark beetles and causes rapid browning, shrivelling and death of Ulmus spp. (elms) and […]

Sclerotinia disease

Sclerotinia disease is a fungal infection of many vegetables and ornamental plants. The fungus survives for long periods in the soil. When infected, plants rot […]

Camellia leaf blight

Two fungal pathogens of camellias cause brown leaf blotches, premature leaf loss and twig or branch dieback. They are most damaging on young plants or newly propagated material. […]


Camellia gall is a fungal disease causing large cream-coloured swellings (galls) on camellias. The galls may look alarming, but cause little or no long-term damage […]