Aquilegia downy mildew

Aquilegia downy mildew is a fungus-like organism that initially causes yellowing of leaves and purple blotching on the flowering stalk. The disease can progress rapidly […]

Apple canker

Apple canker is a fungal disease causing disfiguring and sunken patches of dead bark on the branches of apple and some other trees. Infections often begin […]

Antirrhinum rust

Antirrhinum rust is the most serious disease of antirrhinums (snapdragons). It is a fungal disease that causes dark brown spots on the undersides of leaves. […]

Plant Diseases

What’s wrong with my plant? Is it a disease? Many organisms, including viruses, fungi, and bacteria, can cause diseases in plants. Diseases can be specific to certain plants, […]


Scientific Name Fusarium oxysporum Fusarium wilt is a serious problem in muskmelons.  It may also occasionally occur on watermelons and cucumbers.  Most other cucurbits have […]